Disable Gutenberg Blocks

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Once I decided to use Gutenberg editor for my websites I faced with is the huge amount of default blocks, which is cool of course, but Iā€™m such a minimalist. In this tutorial I am going to show several ways how you can hide or completely restrict the usage of specific blocks on your website. […]

Fix ā€“ this website is using an illegal copy of JNews theme

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This website is using anĀ illegal copyĀ of the JNews themeĀ ā€“ Do you want to fix thisĀ JNews ThemeĀ error? Well, we have a paid solution for you. This problem generally occurs when you are using Nulled, Cracked, orĀ GPL JNews Theme. JNews developers have modified their code recently and from then when are we updating the JNews theme suddenly […]

How to Fix this Website is Using Illegal Copy of Jannah Theme Error

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If youā€™re using a copy or gpl version of Jannah Theme this error ā€Ā This website is using an illegal copy of Jannah themeā€ will already affect your site. If not, it will come soon. Donā€™t need to worry at all. Iā€™ll help your fix this issue. just follow these easy steps. There are two ways […]

How to Increase the All-in-One WP Migration Plugin Upload Limit

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The instructions outlined inĀ How to Increase the All-in-One WP Migration Plugin Upload LimitĀ tutorial to work, you can use versionĀ 7.27 [Latest]Ā or earlier of the All-in-one WP Migration Plugin. Step 1.Ā First, make sure the plugin is installed and it is inactive. Then we need to edit it. Go toĀ Plugins / Editor. Step 2. Select theĀ All-in-One WP MigrationĀ from […]

Query whether WooCommerce is activated

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If youā€™re building a theme which supports but doesnā€™t require WooCommerce, you may want to wrap WooCommerce functionality (think cart links etc) inside a conditional query. That way, if WooCommerce isnā€™t activated, the functionality is simply ignored instead of producing fatal errors. /** * Check if WooCommerce is activated */ if ( ! function_exists( ‘is_woocommerce_activated’ […]

Add checkout validation styles to a third party or custom theme

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You need to add this CSS to your child themeā€™sĀ style.cssĀ file or to your customizersā€™ ā€œAdditional CSSā€ section. Please donā€™t add custom code directly to your parent themeā€™sĀ style.css file as this will be wiped entirely when you update the theme. .form-row.woocommerce-invalid .chzn-single, .form-row.woocommerce-invalid .chzn-drop, .form-row.woocommerce-invalid input.input-text, .form-row.woocommerce-invalid select { border:1px solid red; } .form-row.woocommerce-validated .chzn-single, .form-row.woocommerce-validated […]