How to show unordered list of Tags in Genesis Archive Page Template

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Over in Slack‘s #beginners channel, a user asked:

I’m trying to create an archive page template that will output an unordered list of tags. I’d like the list sorted by name. Would someone be able to point me in the right direction?

I’m modifying the Genesis archive template. By default that outputs a page with a list of pages, categories, authors, recent posts. I’d like to add a list of tags to this page.

We can copy/upload page_archive.php from genesis theme folder to the child theme directory and add the following code wherever an unordered list of tags should be shown:

<h4><?php _e( 'Tags:', 'genesis' ); ?></h4>
<?php wp_tag_cloud( 'format=list&number=0&smallest=100&largest=100&unit=%' ); ?>
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